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In appreciation of any 4x ko-fi donation (GBP£12) I’m offering lineart only portraits of your OCs. For 5x ko-fis (£15) I’ll add flat colours. These are reasonably quick and unrefined pieces, an hour or two spent on each. This is an ongoing thing, so you don’t need to rush to grab a slot. This is open to all OCs too! My examples are all Mass Effect or Dragon Age OCs cause that’s what I’ve got, but I’m open to OCs for just about anything as long as they’re mostly human looking*.

To claim a portrait you need to forward the paypal receipt (the email itself or a screenshot) for your ko-fi donation to along with the details of your request. I need good clear reference pictures (screenshots, art, faceclaims etc), descriptions of anything not in the images provided and a brief note about how you’d like them depicted (eg. grinning, looking shy, profile view, battle damaged, and so on). Please also include your deviantart username (or tumblr/instagram/twitter- anywhere you'd like to be tagged when I post it to my accounts) if you’re happy to be tagged in the post when I upload them. I won’t be chasing people who donate but then don’t send an email to get their portrait- follow through is on you! Since these are intended to be very quick there’s no approval and revision process, though I may be able to make some small changes if something is glaringly wrong.

If you have questions about what I’m willing to draw for this offer, before committing your hard-earned cash, please feel free to send me a message.

For more examples you can take a look in my ko-fi rewards and commissions gallery folder.

* I am specifying “mostly human looking” because these are supposed to be relatively quick and simple pieces. OCs that require me to figure out a whole new anatomy are unfortunately neither of those. Anything that has a mostly human head structure should be fine, but if you’re not sure feel free to message me about it.


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Regarding sharing my art: You may upload to other sites as long as it is accompanied by a link back here and you let me know that you have done so. If you wish to share on tumblr, please find the link to the piece on tumblr in the description and reblog from there, please do not repost my art on tumblr: it's already there!



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NightIzFluffy Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017
Dragon age...Heavy Breathing Cat Emoticon GIF  Heavier Breathing  (because I can't draw people I am stuck with anthro so I go searching for people whoCAN draw them XD You being one of them)Your art is amazing!
puurima Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017
Hey, welcome to dA! You have really lovely art!! kaomoji set 1 13/19